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Keeping Track of Repeaters, Channel Spreadsheets
I like to have things at my fingertips and have always liked spreadsheets for keeping track of numbers.

I keep one on my radio desk in a plastic sleeve for reference, and I hand them out if someone is interested.

So here is a recent one for the western U.P. It can be changed or added to if you are at all handy with spreadsheets. If not, well, here's a good opportunity to learn about them.

One is in Microsoft Excel, extension .xlsx.

The other is the freebee and my current favorite,'s, Calc Program, extension .ods.

Hope they work for you!

.xlsx   Generic Radio Programming and Channel Spreadsheet.xlsx (Size: 15.78 KB / Downloads: 4)

.ods   Generic Radio Programming and Channel Spreadsheet.ods (Size: 21.7 KB / Downloads: 0)
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