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ARES Net Script Houghton 88 Repeater
Good Evening this is (your callsign) located in (town) conducting the Weekly Copper Country net.
This net meets each Wednesday evening at 9:00 p.m. on the 88 Repeater. It is sponsored by ARES and The Copper Country Radio Amateur Association. All amateur operators are invited to check-in.
The purpose of the net is to foster communication and information sharing among local hams, to encourage testing of emergency-powered equipment at least once a week, and to provide training and experience in net operations.
To check-in just give your call sign and indicate what traffic you have, if any. This is Net control  (your callsign).  I am now ready for stations on emergency power…..
{repeat net calls and handle traffic or information items}
Stations on commercial power……
{repeat net calls and handle traffic or information items}
Stations on Echo link……..
{repeat net calls and handle traffic or information items}
Anything more for the net?….
Nothing heard.
The Ontonagon County ARES net meets on Wednesday nights at 8:30pm on the 147.300 REPEATER THEN IT CHANGES OVER TO THE 146.67 repeater, and the Keweenaw County Repeater Association net meets at 9pm Friday nights on the 147.315 repeater, immediately after the KCRA net.  Both repeaters are the standard split and use a 100Hz PL tone.
Thank you all for checking in and we will see you again next week at the same time, same frequency. There might be a social net immediately following this net. The repeater is returned to normal use at this time;  (your callsign) Clear.
Keith Almli
DMR ID 3126890

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