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Get a couple Hams together and there are bound to be some ideas that float to the surface. Keith KE8CPN and I were doing exactly that when we started to think there was a void that could be filled with a Ham Forum. While radio communication is our "thing", there are sometimes things that are better handled, or at least more easily handled on the Internet.

So the idea for UPHams.net was born. Less than 24 hours later Keith had it off the ground.

So browse around, enjoy, and post whenever you want.

We'll be tweaking for a while but it's well on the way.

Basic functioning here is pretty intuitive but we added a forum topic where questions can be asked, scroll down on the opening forum page. Be patient waiting for answers as this is a volunteer operation and another project added to an already long list.

Even though this forum sprung up from the BCRA it is NOT club specific.

This forum is intended for Hams across the UP and surrounding area so feel free to contribute. So, new members are welcome, feel free to register!

Welcome aboard!
Brian and Keith


Well, I think this is great for Hams in the UP and I say thanks to Brian & Keith for getting this going 73 KE8DUP Joe
We've had lots of visitors over the last month but little in the way of posts or subject matter contributions.

Just a reminder that UPHams will only be as good as we all make it, so don't be shy, add a question, put up some content of interest.

Remember it is OUR forum.

Thanks and 73's
We are celebrating our 6 month anniversary and in spite of a fair amount of site traffic we've only had half a dozen members sign up.

If you come here occasionally we really encourage you to become members and enjoy the privileges of full participation.

It's free, we don't sell, trade or give away any personal information or email addresses, we don't spam and the whole site is operated and paid for by volunteers.

So enjoy the site and please join up if you like it and participate.

Thanks all, and especially to the members who have signed up already.